5 Reasons to Buy A Suzuki Vitara

Added: 12 February 2019

5 reasons to buy a suzuki vitara

Choosing a new car is never easy. You want a vehicle that’s going to be easy to get used to, suit your lifestyle and also fit within your personal budget. Whatever you’re looking for in your next car, the Suzuki Vitara has a lot going for it.

From its compact size to functional features, there are many reasons to buy a Suzuki Vitara - here are five of them to help you make up your mind.

The perfect drive every time

There’s no need to worry about facing tough roads or adverse weather conditions when you drive a Suzuki Vitara. Although it’s one of the smallest SUVs around, the new Suzuki Vitara is a practical car with 4x4 capabilities. It’s the perfect car for anybody who wants the benefits of a 4x4 in a compact and intelligent package, with the Allgrip four-wheel system only kicking in when it’s needed. Driving only the front wheels most of the time, the Vitara has the ability to send power to the back wheels when they need a little extra grip.

As well as the standard Auto mode, the Suzuki Vitara comes with three additional modes: Snow, which activates the four-wheel drive all the time, Sport, for easier acceleration in country roads, and Lock, for pulling the car out of tough terrain such as sand and mud. Between the four options, you can be sure you’re covered for all scenarios.

5 reasons to buy a suzuki vitara

It’s affordable to buy and run

Compared to its rivals, the Suzuki Vitara packs in a lot for the price. It comes with generous equipment, including 16 inch alloys, cruise control, climate control, a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Invest a little more for the SZ-T trim and you can enjoy even more features, including integrated satellite navigation and rear privacy glass.

As well as giving you more for your money upfront, the Vitara is also an affordable car to run thanks to its economical engine.

Enjoy a spacious interior

Despite being one of the most compact SUVs on the market, the Suzuki Vitara is surprisingly spacious inside. With more room for both passengers and cargo than many rival models, the Vitara offers a comfortable ride every single time. The driver hasn’t been forgotten, either, with multiple ways to adjust the driving seat and steering wheel to create the perfect set-up. If you need more space, there’s also the option to split and fold the back seats to a nearly flat position.

5 reasons to buy a suzuki vitara

Make it your own

The Suzuki Vitara comes in a range of exciting colours to show off its sleek SUV styling and sharp edges. Choose from a selection of single and two tone colour options to suit your own taste and style.

An exciting car to drive

It doesn’t matter how great a car is if you simply don’t enjoy driving it. That’s something you never need to worry about with the Suzuki Vitara because it has the perfect combination of power, performance and pleasingly good looks. It’s a small powerhouse of a car that’s always a pleasure to drive. Find out more about the Suzuki Vitara today.

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