8 great reasons to buy a Suzuki Swift

Added: 22 January 2019

Since it first went on sale in 2005, the Suzuki Swift has become a popular car in the UK. An affordable vehicle that offers great value for money, the new Suzuki Swift is a great option if you want a stylish cars that performs. Here are 8 reasons to consider making the Suzuki Swift your next car.

1 - It’s a practical car

Practicality is at the heart of everything Suzuki does, and the Swift is no exception. Even though it may be one of the better looking compact cars around, it doesn’t compromise on driving experience or usability.

2 - It comes in a hybrid option

Hybrid engines are becoming and more and more popular, and the Suzuki Swift isn’t getting left behind. The new hybrid option means you can enjoy a more fuel efficient - and therefore more economical - drive every time, while reducing your environmental impact.

3 - It’s surprisingly compact

The new Suzuki Swift is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, making it one of the most compact cars on the market. Despite its petite appearance, the new Swift is surprisingly spacious on the inside, making for a very comfortable yet compact drive. It has ample legroom so you never need to worry about passenger comfort.

4 - It now comes with more space

A lack of boot space was the only thing that let previous versions of the Suzuki Swift down, but the latest model has had an upgrade. With an extra 54 litres of load capacity in the boot, the new Suzuki Swift is more spacious than ever before - and that’s despite its smaller size.

5 - It comes with technology that won’t waste your time

Unlike some cars, the Suzuki Swift doesn’t waste time with technology that’s only going to complicate your life. Instead, it’s packed with genuinely useful features that only serve to make every drive easier. Features include a key in reminder, automatic headlights, a tyre pressure monitoring system and a hands free telephone connection via Bluetooth.

6 - It will keep you safe

The new Suzuki Swift boasts a five-star Euro NCAP rating, so you can be sure it’s one of the safest cars around. That isn’t the only way you’ll know that this car puts safety first, though. Take the Suzuki Swift for a spin and you’ll instantly see some of the added safety features for yourself. They include a Brake Assist function, ‘Guide Me Home’ headlamps and seatbelt warning lamp and buzzer.

7 - You can make it yours

The Suzuki Swift isn’t without personalisation options. In fact, it has more customisable options than most new cars on the market. With a wealth of colour options, a choice of engine and a 4x4 option, you can take home a car that’s tailored to you, your style and your needs.

9 - It’s an affordable car

Compared with similar models, the Suzuki Swift offers incredible value for money. It’s a budget-friendly car that cuts back on unnecessary extras to keep its cost reasonable, making sure your money goes further. Explore our current Suzuki Swift offers and find a great deal today.

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