What could possibly go wrong in Clapham?

Added: 10 December 2018



Fifty-four excited children.....let loose with pens.....near brand new cars....what could possibly go wrong?  Well nothing did go wrong when exactly that happened - with pupils from Ursula Taylor School in Clapham recently.

The students were invited to the annual event at Hilton Suzuki in Clapham, to decorate four new white cars in the showroom with Christmas designs.  They arrived chattering with ideas for the blank car-shaped canvases, and left behind four Suzuki masterpieces covered with shimmering stars, rampant reindeer and bulging baubles.  The Christmas Story wasn’t forgotten either – with a stable, manger and angels all featuring on the vibrant vehicles.

Speaker of Bedford Borough Council – Councillor Doug McMurdo – watched both classes pen their Yuletide impressions on the cars, and Father Christmas made a surprise appearance too.  The pair handed out Christmas stockings to the eager youngsters as they left with smiles on their faces – but with the words ‘don’t do this as home’ ringing in their ears!

The decorated cars will stay on display in the Hilton Suzuki showroom in Clapham until the new year.

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