Finance and Insurance

It's so important to get advice on these two issues right at square one when considering changing car, so here are a few snippets of what Hiltons have to offer:

0% - that's what everyone wants to hear at the moment, and we've got it! On selected Suzuki models you won't pay any interest at all.

Don't Worry if you can't come up with the deposit that is required for a 0% deal, we can still offer you great low rate finance agreements on new and used cars of all makes. Just call in to see us, or telephone with your details and we'll tailor a monthly repayment to suit your own personal circumstances.

For any car purchased from Hiltons, we can offer free 7 days insurance cover. This can be arranged over the phone, so you may be able to order and take your new car on the same day.

You may also be eligible for preferential rates from Suzuki Insurance Services. We will put you in touch with them when you order your new car at Hiltons.

What happens if your car is stolen or written off in an accident? You will probably lose money unless you have taken out GAP insurance cover. There are two types of cover; one guarantees to pay off any outstanding finance; the other will guarantees that the total amount you receive will be the price you originally paid for your car. Either way, it'll be a happy ending to a sad story.

You may want to discuss finance or insurance over the phone before visiting us - please do so, as we know both these issues make a difference to what customers can afford.  Our friendly staff will explain everything step by step - in words you'll understand.  Please call us or enquire online.



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