Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid

Better fuel efficiency, lower co2 emissions and hybrid torque boost


Development of the Swift Sport’s exterior design was based on the concept of a “bold evolution of Swift’s DNA”. While resolute efforts were made so that the new model would inherit the model’s characteristic styling, elements that needed refreshing were boldly transformed to innovatively evolve the new car. The look of a low centre of gravity is further established by blacked-out pillars that create the appearance of a floating roof. Pillar-mounted rear door handles add both style and a sporty flair, while a high-tech look comes in the form of LED signature illumination used in the headlamps and rear-combination lamps .

Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Grill
Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Rear
Suzuki Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Steering Wheel
Suzuki Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Front Seats


The 1.4-litre engine has now been developed further for the 2020 model. It is designated as K14D and incorporates a new electric Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system for the intake side as well as new design fuel injectors and a higher pressure fuel pump. The exhaust camshaft side is controlled via a conventional Hydraulic VVT actuator. The Dual VVT system improves engine performance by continuously varying both intake and exhaust valve timing to suit engine operating conditions and the electric motor drive intake VVT has a characteristic to shift the timing phase more smoothly regardless of engine oil temperature and engine speed. The combined effect of the two VVT’s attains optimum engine power, improved fuel efficiency and low CO 2 emissions. Offering the same level of power and torque of a much larger capacity normally aspirated engine (2.0-litre), it delivers an effortless drive and genuine driving pleasure.

New Suzuki Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Steering Wheel
Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Screen
Swift Sport Self Charging Hybrid Speedometre


The Swift Sport comes with Lane departure warning/Lane departure prevention function, when the vehicle is travelling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph and up to 100mph (where permitted) and is departing the lane without the driver using a turn signal, the system vibrates the steering wheel and lights a warning indicator in the instrument cluster to draw attention to lane departures caused by factors such as inattention to the road. As an additional feature on the Sport model the driver will also notice an automatic input from the steering wheel at this time to ensure the car remains in its correct direction of travel.

Standard equipment is comprehensive and includes six airbags, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, privacy glass, DAB radio with Bluetooth and four speakers, LED daytime running lights, 17-inch wheels, body coloured door mirrors and four electric windows. The 2020 model Swift Sport is available in one solid colour and five metallic colours at no optional cost along with two further colours available optionally as two-tone with a black roof.


Steering and Suspension Tuning
17" Black & polished alloy wheels
Sports Dashboard
Apple CarPlay