New Suzuki Swift Launch Events

  • Bedford: Wednesday 17th April
  • Bishop's Stortford: Tuesday 23rd April

(slots available between 5pm - 8pm)

That's right, we'll be hosting Suzuki Swift launch events at our dealerships in Bedford and Bishop's Stortford, and you're invited!

Introducing the all-new Suzuki Swift

Discover compact style combined with hybrid efficiency in the all-new fourth-generation Suzuki Swift. With a blend of modern enhancements and its signature charm, the Swift will elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.

Inside, you’ll enjoy a revamped interior that combines comfort and functionality. Packed with standard features surpassing its predecessors, every journey in the new Swift is both enjoyable and practical.

The Swift is perfect for those who love a dynamic driving experience without compromising on fuel efficiency. Prioritising performance, this model boasts enhancements that not only deliver an exhilarating driving experience but also reduce CO2 emissions and enhance fuel efficiency. Whether driving around town or on country roads, the Swift offers agile handling and responsive power, making each drive a delight.

Beyond its performance, the Swift is also highly practical. With generous space for passengers and luggage, coupled with exceptional visibility, this compact supermini is both versatile and stylish.

Experience the perfect combination of performance, style, and eco-conscious engineering with the new Suzuki Swift - here to redefine the standards of hybrid superminis.

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Ready for hybrid? Take your drive to a whole new level with efficient Hybrid technology

Lower CO2 emissions? Check. Lower fuel costs? Check. Be kinder to the environment and your pocket by selecting the New Swift Hybrid.

Fuel efficiency is further enhanced when paired with the self-charging hybrid system powered by a lithium-ion battery with capacity of 10Ah to improve energy recovery efficiency.

For the Swift Motion with manual transmission the Hybrid system helps reach a CO2 emissions figure of just 99g/km (WLTP regulation) plus achieve a fuel consumption figure of 64.2 mpg (WLTP) on the combined cycle.

*Measured using the official WLTP test cycle CO2 emissions figures


Tackling the streets isn't just about looking good, it's about keeping safe too - that's why the new Suzuki Swift comes with advanced safety assistance such as:

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

A camera built into the instrument panel monitors the drivers eyes and a near-infrared LED illuminates the drivers face to enable monitoring in low light. If the system detects that the driver is drowsy, falling asleep, or looking away from the road, it sounds a warning alarm and displays an alert message on the information display.

The system detects driver drowsiness by monitoring the degree of eyelid closing and yawn frequencies. If this is detected at speeds of approximately 43mph or more, the monitoring system will advise the driver to take a break by sounding an alarm and displaying an alert message on the information display.

Lane Departure Warning / Lane Departure Prevention Function:
When the vehicle is travelling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph or above and is departing the lane without the driver using a turn signal, the system vibrates the steering wheel and lights a warning indicator in the instrument cluster to draw attention to lane departures caused by factors such as inattention to the road. Under these conditions, the driver will also notice an automatic input from the steering wheel to ensure the car remains in its correct direction of travel.


Specification Highlights

The all-new Suzuki Swift Hybrid features new, enhanced but familiar exterior and interior designs and an even higher standard equipment specification than before. Here are some of the highlights you'll enjoy in the Suzuki Swift Hybrid.

Suzuki Swift Hybrid LED Headlights
LED Headlights & Rear Combination Lamps
Suzuki Swift Hybrid 9" Infotainment System
9" Infotainment System including Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Connectivity
Suzuki Swift Hybrid 16" Alloy Wheels
16" Alloy Wheels
Suzuki Swift Hybrid Interior
Spacious Interior
Suzuki Swift Sculpted Tailgate
Sculpted Tailgate with a Wide Rear Bumper Design
Suzuki Swift Hybrid Heated Front Seats
Heated Front Seats