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(For Hilton Suzuki Service Plan Customers)

Now that the clocks have gone back we are starting to experience the wetter and darker days of the year. To make sure your vehicle is in its best condition for the Winter months and that you arrive to your destinations safely, book you Free Winter Safety Check. A Winter Check comes free as part of your service plan with Hilton Suzuki

As most of us are likely to be driving in the unpredictable weather ahead, here are some Winter driving tips:

  1. Visibility: Clean snow and ice off of your vehicle, including; all windows, mirrors, lights, and even the roof before driving. Avoid using water as this can damage the glass.
  2. Keep an Emergency Kit: including a hazard triangle, foil blankets and a First Aid box. Find out more essentials to keep in your car below.
  3. Got 20p? Check your tyre tread depth. If the outer band of a 20p coin is visible then it's time to replace your tyres
  4. Check your Spare: You don't want to discover it's flat or damaged when you need it.
  5. Avoid large potholes: Scan the road ahead, try to avoid them or slow down if it's safe to do so - they can damage tyres & alloys, costing hundreds.
  6. Stay tuned: Listen to weather reports & traffic updates to stay informed about road closures and bad weather

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Items for your Winter Emergency Car Kit

Ice Scrapper or De-Icer

Hazard Triangle

Foil Blankets and a spare blanket

First Aid Box

Hi-Vis Vest or Jacket

Bottle of Water

Spare Coat or Jumper


Phone Charger

Jump Leads

Locking Wheel Nut

Tyre Inflation Kit