Suzuki's Hybrid technology

Added: 11 December 2018

The Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) is a hybrid system that offers the best of both worlds and a different kind of Suzuki experience. By combining a petrol engine with electric power, Suzuki’s SHVS hybrid system provides a more efficient drive than ever before.

Like other hybrid vehicles on the market, Suzuki’s SHVS cars create a cleaner driving experience than a petrol engine car. SHVS offers better fuel efficiency, making it a more affordable ride, as well as reduced CO2 emissions. In addition to giving you lower running costs, a Suzuki hybrid vehicle also reduces the environmental damage caused by your car.

Bigger performance, less compromise

Even though almost every car manufacturer has a hybrid model to their name, Suzuki’s hybrid technology is one of a kind. Most notably, it’s much lighter and comes in a more compact unit than many of the other options out there. Suzuki’s hybrid system takes up less space than normal hybrid systems, so it doesn’t weigh your vehicle down or impact your car’s performance.

A nimble addition

Image above: New Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki hybrid system is known as a mild hybrid system and weighs just6.2kg, so it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight or bulk to the vehicle. With such a compact system, it’s ideally suited to the efficient compact cars that Suzuki is known for. Combined with a lightweight chassis, that means you can still enjoy an efficient and nimbledrive in your Suzuki hybrid vehicle while enjoying even better fuel efficiency.

Helping you enjoy a smoother ride

Image above: New Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki’s SHVS mild hybrid includes an Integrated Start Generator (ISG). The ISG in Suzuki’s hybrid vehicles is belt driven and doubles up as both a generator anda starter motor. That means it can help the engine when it needs a little boost, such as when setting off or accelerating, to help you get where you need to go with ease. When the journey comes to a stop or slows down, the Integrated Start Generator also generates electricity through regenerative braking, which improves your car’s fuel efficiency even more.

Energy storage and assistance

The Suzuki hybrid engine car system makes use of a lithium-ion battery for power when you need it. Stored under the front passenger seat, the battery packs high performance into its compact size. It stores energy for when it’s needed and incorporates an idle stop function, which is operated via the Integrated Start Generator. That means that Suzuki hybrid vehicles only need to make use of the conventional engine motor starter when starting from cold. The rest of time, the system can use the Integrated Start Generator to power quiet and smooth engine restarts.

Suzuki hybrid vehicles

Suzuki’s hybrid technology is currently available on the new Suzuki Ignis and the new Suzuki Swift.

Check out our range of new Suzuki cars to find out more about buying a Suzuki hybrid car, or pop in to our Suzuki showroom to speak to one of our experienced Suzuki staff. As well as offering over 20 years of experience, we offer an exclusive 7 year warranty on our new Suzuki cars.

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